Administrator's .plan:

This is the Administrator's .plan, the list from which e works when doing coding and site maintainance. If you know of something that should be on this list but is not, please contact the Administrator,

Administrator's TODO list:


	Fix Roster to comply with R213.
	Create single-page Numerical Ruleset.
	Implement Rule ownership.
	Add AWAY notation.


	Write Ballot maker.
	Adapt to handle N-consent.
	Write Vote reporter, include Prop titles after results. 
	Convert other pages to same format as front page.
	Make records searchable by date.
	Add other entities to Standings.
	Finish Proposal Bot.
	Write script to compress old list archives.
	Add cross-reference links for records.
	Automate boilerplate list subscribe response.
	Write dice server (in case we need one).