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This is the official home of A Nomic. Below are sundry materials relating to the game. You may find answers to your questions there, but only if they are about the game.

1. What is Nomic? Nomic is a game in which a major portion of game play involves altering the rules. Nomic was invented by Peter Suber in order to facilitate study of self-referential systems, but it turns out that it's also a lot of fun to play. To learn more about Nomic, read the Nomic FAQ or look at the Nomic Wiki.

2. What is A Nomic? A Nomic is this particular game, one of many Nomics currently being played via the Internet. The game began unnamed on 2 October 2000 with a group of players from the defunct Berserker Nomic. The game's present name was adopted on 1 December 2000. A Nomic business is conducted by email, and this web site is the official repository of materials generated by the game.

3. How can I become a Player? Hooray! You want to become a Player! New Players are always welcome! To become a Player:

  1. Subscribe yourself to the game's mailing lists, spoon-business@nomic.net and spoon-discuss@nomic.net, by sending a message to majordomo@nomic.net with the body:
    subscribe spoon-business your.address@your.domain
    subscribe spoon-discuss your.address@your.domain
    Once you're subscribed, you'll be able to watch what's going on in the game. As the list names indicate, business, i.e., Player actions, take place on the business list, while discussion of Proposals and such happens on the discussion list. If you're interested in looking at past messages, there is an archive of the lists here [also here, on the spoon-* lists prior to December 2001, when A Nomic's successor, B Nomic, began using those lists. --JU].
  2. Before you can become a Player, a Motion to Add you must be adopted, as per Rule 210/2. At present, anyone is permitted to make a Motion to Add themselves, so all you need to do is send a message to the business list indicating that you are making a Motion to Add, and by what name you would like to be known.
  3. Motions to Add currently take three days to be adopted, assuming no Players object. Once your Motion to Add is adopted, you are a Player! Congratulations!

4. Yes? No.


The following are links to and brief explanations of the contents of various game documents. Rules and Motions, including Proposals and Judgments, are consistently formatted in the following manner for ease of reference:

number/revision : title
revision history

Other documents have their own formatting systems, as described below.

The following provide information about the present state of the game, and other miscellaneous information.


The game began at 00:00:00 UTC, 2 October 2000.

NB: Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, is equivalent to GMT.

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Questions? Comments? Problems? Email the Administrator, uckelman@nomic.net. This game is hosted by nomic.net.

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